Cardarine Before & After Results: What Can Users Expect From a Cycle?

Cardarine works brilliantly for performance enhancement. You can find out more specific details about it in our previous article here. In this article, we will give you the details of what you can expect whilst cycling Cardarine.

The results can differ depending on the type of cycle, and below we will detail the typical results that you can expect. It works effectively for both males and females.

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What to Expect from a Bodybuilding Type Cycle

A bodybuilding bulking type cycle is one that prioritizes muscle gain. The typical dosage for this type of cycle is 10-20mgs. It will allow you to do more sets with higher reps. The anabolic compound will contribute to increased muscle mass, and these benefits can usually be seen within a few weeks of use.

It can also help to improve your recovery time. This allows you to work out more frequently. Many bodybuilders split the dose into halves. The recommended cycle is around 12 weeks, as tolerance can begin to build after this.

This length of time is still longer than most other SARMs. A major benefit of Cardarine is that it does not require any post cycle therapy.

Cutting & Fat Loss Cycle

A cutting cycle is one that prioritizes weight loss. The usual dosage for a cutting cycle is 10mg to start off with, but this can increase to 20mg. Additionally, a 30mg dose can be considered for those who are overly obese.

In particular, this substance can be highly effective at removing stubborn belly fat. The substance can also allow your body to prioritize fat over glucose for energy use. It does this through targeting the androgen receptors which stimulate glucose use.

This can help to control conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Additionally, it can act as a preventative measure.  Usually, you can begin to see fat loss after a few weeks of cycling the substance. It can seem gradual, and therefore it is important to stick with the cycle even if you don’t see immediate results.

Most people tend to lose around 5-10lbs of fat on a typical cutting cycle. You can see pics of both men and women which illustrate the results of a cutting cycle.

A Cycle for Endurance-Based Performance

The substance can work great for improving endurance-based performance. It increases the PPAR gene level and allows muscle fibres to enhance their uptake of oxygen.

This allows you to exercise at intense levels for longer. You can expect this endurance boost a few hours after taking the substance. Generally, you can expect increased endurance levels throughout the cycling period.

However, you will begin to notice significant cardiovascular benefits at around the 2 week period. You can also expect shorter recovery times, and an increased performance level that makes it easier to go past your plateaus. However, prolonged usage can build up a tolerance.

The substance can also be great for CrossFit. It works best for CrossFit when it is dosed 3 hours prior to a session. It can have a fantastic effect on endurance and will be significantly felt in the cardio aspect of CrossFit.

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You can expect shorter rest periods, and maintain high intensity for longer periods of time.  The recommended dosage is 20mgs that is split evenly, with half in the morning and the other half taken 3 hours before a session.

We would like to point out that the use of this and all other SARMs are banned from high-end CrossFit competition.


A recomping cycle can be a tad complex to properly pull off. A body recomping cycle typically produces slower results than a cutting or bulking cycle; however, it can be more convenient for producing steady results.

The usual dosage for recomping is 20mgs a day. You can combine other substances with Cardarine to maximize the beneficial effects. In general, if you lift heavy, eat the right diet with a high amount of protein, then you should begin to see noticeable recomping results a few weeks after cycling.

The inherent fat loss capabilities of the substance combined with the increased endurance makes it a fantastic choice for recomping. Fat loss alongside muscle gain is highly possible as long as you remain consistent.


You will now have a better idea as to what to expect on various Cardarine cycles. One of the benefits of the substance is that is highly effective at all of these types of cycles.

There are many positive user experiences available to view online for each of these cycles. The flexibility of this performance enhancer makes it a fantastic choice for all of these goals.

You will now know what to expect on a typical cycle. However, it is important to note that individual results can vary slightly depending on your circumstances, and the amount of physical activity that you put in.

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