Cardarine Side Effects: Does The Use Of This SARM Cause Any Bad Long Term Issues?

Cardarine is a well-known compound in the bodybuilding community and in scientific circles, it’s known as GW-501516.

Although it has many purported health benefits, there aren’t any human studies to prove its efficacy. All we have going on is anecdotal evidence from users who say they’ve experienced benefits, like better functioning metabolism, increased muscle growth and weight loss.

However, there’s isn’t much information available about the side effects of Cardarine. That’s why we’ve put together this article to address this topic which is often swept under the rug.

Some Background Information

Cardarine is a chemical that was created by the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline for the purpose of treating conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and impaired blood vessels. But the company had to pull the plug on research as the chemical caused cancer in animal subjects during Phase II of research.

a picture of a muscular male user of GW-501516

With that said, a cancer risk hasn’t been established in human subjects because the research didn’t reach human trials. Plus, it takes a longer timespan for cancer to develop in human subjects which is why we cannot conclude that Cardarine will have the same results in humans.

So What Are The Possible Side Effects?

According to available data based on a study that was done on mice with liver disease, it was determined that Cardarine may actually cause liver damage by indiscriminately killing liver cells.

It is crazy to think that they had actually hoped that it may be able to help treat liver disease but found it to cause it.

During other animal studies, it was found to be unsafe for use during pregnancy, because high dosages usually led to foetal development problems. As we’ve established, the chemical could cause cancer in rats but there’s no telling if it would have the same effect on humans.

The latter incident is what forced GSK to close down their research into the chemical and it halted their plans to develop the drug.

It’s important to also note that Cardarine has a massive influence on various parts of the body, and users should keep that in mind when considering it because it may lead to some unexpected negative effects.

Yes, we know that Cardarine doesn’t have any negative reviews on bodybuilding internet forums and a lot of users downplay its negative effects but this is just one side of the story.

There’s a lot more to learn about this supplement and we’re here to separate facts from fiction.

Side Effects For Male Users

Researchers in Australia recently conducted a study with adult male participants who were given the drug for six months. The participants reported no bad effects during the entire trial period and many athletes have gone on record saying that they’ve used the chemical without experiencing any adverse effects.

But it’s important to take time off the drug for at least 3 months so that your body can recover and get back to its natural state.

Plus, abusing Cardarine has been shown to lead to negative effects like decreased sexual performance, low sex drive, testosterone suppression problems, and other sexual-related issues.

Female Side Effects

Cardarine is very popular with female bodybuilders because it’s non-hormonal and doesn’t come with the risk of putting your hormones off-balance.

This means it won’t mess with your menstrual cycle or cause any emasculating effects. The best part is that Cardarine offers several different benefits that make it ideal for losing fat, gaining muscle or both.

Does This SARM Cause Any Issues With Your Eyes?

Unlike many SARMs out there, Cardarine doesn’t come with vision-related effects. But, avoid taking Cardarine with S4 as that may lead to temporary vision problems.

a SARM using bodybuilder flexing his bicep

Does It Cause Cancer?

As mentioned, GSK had to pause its research on Cardarine because it ended up causing the problems it was supposed to remedy. For example, instead of enhancing liver health, it triggered cell death thus making the organ vulnerable to cancer development.

But it can be argued that this side effect was caused by high dosages. There’s no telling if that’s what happened during the research trials with the mice so we can’t be sure if it would have the same effects on humans.


Nowadays, Cardarine is classified as a SARM, and it’s a great drug to take if you want to improve endurance, reduce recovery time and cut fat.

It’s beneficial to cutting and bulking cycles and it’s safe to use in combination with other performance-enhancing drugs.

Truth be told, there are no major known long term side effects to using Cardarine according to the available data.

However, it’s important to stick to the recommended dose of 10 to 20 mg/ml per day just to be on the safe side.

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