LGD-2226: Developed To Combat Muscle Wasting This SARM Is Still In Development Phase

LGD-2226 is an investigational drug developed for the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting. The drug is a selective androgen receptor modulator and is designed to provide an alternative to the use of steroids for bodybuilders too.


Clinical trials on LGD-2226 and its effects are ongoing but initial tests have shown that the chemical has some anabolic effects on bone and muscle tissue. The biggest plus though for LGD-2226 is the fact that trials so far have shown it has relatively fewer effects on the prostate and luteinizing hormone levels compared to steroids and other SARMs.

Best Place to Buy LGD-2226 in 2020 (Not Widely Available Yet)

Due to this being such a new SARM and still being in the development and clinical testing phase, it is currently not available for sale. Anyone that claims to have this for sale is simply selling a fake.

The product that you would end up buying from them will more than likely be a different SARM or a prohormone.

As time passes and development progresses this SARM will slowly appear on the market.

What I suggest doing is buying the SARM that is most closely linked to LGD-2226 on both the molecular and physical effects level. The SARM with the closest ties is MK-677.

If you decide to try out MK-677 I suggest that you buy from a brand called Proven Peptides. They have an amazing reputation within the SARMs community. You can find hundreds of positive reviews for this brand online.

This manufacturer is one of only a few that has the all-important lab testing results published for all of their products. These tests prove that the item is both real and correctly dosed.

Always buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website to eliminate the risk of buying a fake SARM from a third party seller. Click on the image below to visit the official website.

How it Works

LGD-2226 is a powerful and orally active SARM that works just like any other. This SARM targets muscle and bone cells. It helps to trigger androgenic action in cases where the testosterone levels in the body are not enough to do so. The body produces testosterone in a regulated manner and in some cases, the hormone may not be enough to trigger the required androgenic action to keep the body’s stamina up for workouts.

diagram of the molecular structure for LGD-2226

In addition to this, in worse case scenarios, testosterone produced in the body may be so little, leading to muscle wasting. LGD-2226 can be used as a solution for all these issues. Its selective action will trigger androgenic activities in muscle cells while ensuring that normal production of testosterone remains intact. For bodybuilders, this can help improve workout intensity, leading to better results.

How it is Administered

LGD-2226 is an orally administered drug and should be taken using water or juice. The clinical trials are still fine-tuning the dosage, especially for people who may want to use the SARM as part of their bulking, cutting, or recomping routine. However, it’s not going to be long until the dosage information comes out.

Advantages of Using This SARM

There are a number of possible benefits that LGD-2226 could offer to its users.

Here are some of them:

  • The anabolic action of LGD-2226 has been seen to be very effective. This gives users a chance to use the SARM in losing fat rapidly without dealing with the reactions or side effects that are caused by anabolic steroids.
  • It can also help enhance bone density for people who are getting older. Those who have bone conditions, they could easily benefit from LGD-2226 cycles.
  • LGD-2226 can also be a massive strength booster. Body stamina is an important part of the workout routine and LGD-2226 will offer you that. The SARM will also not cause estrogen conversion and will not affect the production of testosterone.
  • LGD-2226 has also been seen to have positive effects in improving libido among male users. The risk of virilization is also not there, making it a good choice for women too.

Disadvantages of Using

There are still no known side effects of using LGD-2226. It is important to restate that the SARM is currently being developed and clinical trials are still ongoing. However, there is no reason to believe that there are any side effects to worry users at the moment.

Potential Side Effects

Because LGD-2226 is an experimental drug and there is very little information about its potential side effects at this moment in time.

Whether this will change in the near future depends totally on the outcome of the ongoing clinical trials.

Can Women Use It?

While LGD-2226 is still at its trial phase, so far it does not cause virilization. As for women who want to use the SARM in losing fat or building muscle mass, it’s safe for them.

How to Buy

LGD-2226 is currently not officially launched as a drug. The developers are still fine-tuning a few things. Clinical trials are ongoing but it will be some time before they are done and dusted. You can only buy this SARM on limited online sellers.

What Are the Current Laws?

LGD-2226 is still an investigative drug at phase 1 of clinical trials. While it’s not yet categorized as an illegal substance in many countries, its distribution at the moment is very limited. Because of its androgenic abilities and the role LGD-2226 can play in increasing stamina, the World Anti-Doping Agency has categorized it as a prohibited substance.

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