Best LGD-4033 Sources in 2020 – Read This Before You Buy

LGD-4033 is popular for its amazing results, but it is important to remember that unless you get the SARM from a reputable source, you may not be taking what you think.

There are plenty of websites online that claim to be distributing LGD-4033 for ridiculously low prices so it can be easy to be tempted to buy from some of these less known places.

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It can also be confusing to know where the best places to look are, here are our top 3 recommendations for the best sources currently.

Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides takes the top spot as the best supplier, not only for LGD-4033 but for all of your favorite SARMs for a long list of reasons.

Proven Peptides only use real SARM powders and before they even turn it into a liquid, they test the powder to make sure that it is of high quality and is safe for consumption.

They have an impressive and rigorous testing process that they are very open about with their customers, which is really refreshing when it comes to the supplement industry.

Proven Peptides also uses third-party lab testing with their ingredients, this means they have an unbiased company certifying that they are providing quality goods.

This only proves that they are producing quality supplements as they trust others to investigate their ingredients.

Proven Peptides not only test their products, but they openly publish their lab test results for their consumers.

When it comes to a lot of SARM companies, the consumers are usually required to reach out to find out these results, the fact that Proven Peptides release this information without being asked shows that they are proud of the quality of their product.

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Another thing that makes Proven Peptides stand out on the market is its incredible customer service. The ordering process is really straightforward and consumers can expect to receive their product within a week, depending on location.

This distributor also has a 90-day return policy, so you are under no obligation to keep and pay for something that you are not completely happy for.

Once again, this only emphasizes the belief that they have in their company. If you do decide to buy from this supplier we recommend you use the link below to visit the official website.

This is because this brand has such a good reputation that some rogue sellers have been known to sell fakes. If you buy from the official website you will avoid this problem.

Innovative Research Compounds

This is another fantastic distribution site due to the transparency they have with their product testing.

Much like Proven Peptides, they use a third-party lab to test the safety and quality of their products, which once again means they will only be distributing products that will do their jobs while also being safe to use.

However, it can’t be said whether or not the quality of the individual products that they use are up to the standard of Proven Peptides, but they are still extremely high quality and are favored in the SARM community.

They also publish reports on their product quality with timestamps with each new test, so as a consumer you constantly receive up to date information.

Something that makes Innovative Research Compounds really stand out is their $10 worldwide shipping charge.

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This really improves the availability of SARMs as the distribution point is Singapore, which may be unappealing to some due to customs charges that usually occur when you purchase products from that country, but this company assures you don’t have to worry about that.

They are also quite generous when it comes to their return policy. You have up to 30 days to return your product if you are unhappy with what you have bought.

However, it is not the case of you being able to try the product and return it if you are not satisfied, you must return the LGD-4033 unopened.

This is a fantastic place to source Ligandrol and is a distributor that you should definitely keep in mind.


JJC SARMs is one of the most popular distributors in the UK due to its fantastic location and fast delivery time. This is one of the new brands on the scene that is building a good reputation for itself.

They are slightly different from the other two on the list as they do not use a third party to test their products, but they do assure consumers that they are using quality and safe ingredients.

It is important to remember that not testing with a third party does not mean that they are trying to hide anything. It simply could mean that they want to invest their money into quality products and in house lab testing, which would still ensure quality products.

Because of this, they also do not publish reports on their website of testing, but they assure consumers that they are HPLC tested which means they are safe.

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An appealing characteristic of JJC is the next day distribution, meaning that if you live in close areas in the UK you will receive the LGD-4033 within a day or two.

JJC SARMs are also known for their brilliant customer service, as they are very engaging with their consumers online and offer any required advice.

JJC also price their products very competitively, meaning not only will you receive free delivery, but you won’t be spending too much on your SARMs.

Final Thoughts

Any of these distributors would be a fantastic choice when it comes to sourcing LGD-4033, but you should really look at factors like your own location and how much you are willing to spend.

Our top choice though is Proven Peptides. They provide the best lab testing reports for peace of mind and the returns policy is superb. You can’t really go wrong if you use this lab.

If third-party testing is important to you, it would be recommended to not use JJC SARMs and choose one of our other picks.

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