LGD-4033 Dosage Recommendations: Best Practices for Bulking, Cutting & Recomping

LGD-4033 is a relatively safe SARM, meaning that you don’t have to keep your dosages extremely low to maintain safety. The general recommendation if you’re looking to build some lean muscle is around 10mg a day.

a muscled and lean male showing his physique

If you use this amount daily for a cycle, then you can expect to gain as much as 12lbs of lean muscle.

This is only the recommended amount if you are looking to maximize muscle growth to support your health journey, but if you’re looking to, recomp or cut instead, then differing dosages are recommended for your cycle.

It is also important to remember to consider whether or not you’re stacking SARMs. Here we may recommend a certain dose, but you should lower this amount if you are using several other SARMs as you will simply be using too much.

You should also remember that the more you take, the more intensive the side effects may be.

Bulking – How To Get The Max Results When Building Size

Bulking is a common practice for bodybuilders and is when they up their calorie and food intake in order to convert protein and extra calories into muscle.

Sometimes when someone sets about bulking, they will not just use one SARM. Though LGD-4033 is powerful and fast-acting, it is not going to give unbelievable muscle gains.

For the average gym-goer then yes it is going to give great results, but for someone looking to compete on stage, it may not be enough on its own. Because of this, people often stack.

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As previously mentioned, it is easy to forget that you should lower doses when it comes to stacking as before you know it you could be taking over 50mg of SARMs a day.

As discussed before, LGD-4033 is a pretty safe SARM so you are still able to take around 10mg a day solo for 8 weeks, and between 5-10mg per day when stacking (depending on the combo).

This will really enable you to reach your muscle-building potential as long as all other areas of your training routine and diet are on point.

Cutting – Dosages To Help Preserve Muscle When Eating Less Food

The goal of cutting is to cut any excess fat in order to reveal show muscle more prominently.

A worry that bodybuilders often have when it comes to cutting is trying not to lose the muscle that you already have, as this can easily happen when in a calorie deficit.

If you are cutting and just want to use LGD-4033 for its muscle-sparing effects, then you only really need 3-5mg a day. You can run this cycle for 8 weeks.

This will give you the endurance to push yourself further in the gym and stop the loss of muscle when consuming a lower amount of calories.

a male showing his well muscled chest

When it comes to cutting, it’s easy to find a lack of energy due to a decrease in food intake. 3-5mg a day will give you the boost that is necessary for you to be able to burn off that fat, while also maintaining strength when lifting weights.

A 3-5mg per day intake will also mean that you have less chance of suffering side effects, such as testosterone suppression, it also means that you can run a longer cycle and thus better results.

Recomping – How Much To Take To Drop Fat & Build Muscle

Recomping is the middle man between bulking and cutting. This is one of the more challenging processes as it consists of losing fat while also building up lean muscle at the same time.

LGD-4033’s main appealing factor is its ability to quickly build lean muscle and so it is extremely popular when it comes to recomping purposes.

When taking this SARM on its own when recomping, I recommend 5-10mg per day. Anything over this amount is overkill and the chances of side effects will start to increase.

a male that is using Ligandrol to recomp

Much like bulking, when you recomp it is possible to stack this SARM. Despite this, due to how intensive recomping can be, you can take between 5-8mg a day, depending on the combo.

You can run a recomp cycle at these dosages for 8 weeks.

This is once again because LGD-4033 is pretty safe, but a larger dose will also make the recomping experience easier.

This is because it will not only help you build lean muscle but also help you maintain the energy that you need in the gym to work off the excess fat.

Final Thoughts

Though these doses are what is recommended you should really consider some external factors before you decide on what dose is for you.

For example, someone with lots of experience with SARMs can handle higher doses for a longer period of time, and a new user should be more conservative for safety reasons.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to SARMs so it’s really a case of just testing the waters, there is no harm starting off at 5mg and then increasing the dosage if this doesn’t meet your needs.

However, always take into account that stacking could highly increase or decrease the dose you need to take.

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