YK11 (Myostatin): The Most Powerful SARM That Builds Muscle & Strength Fast

YK11 and sometimes otherwise known as Myostatin is one of the most popular SARMs on the market for good reason. For many decades, anabolic steroids were used by many even though they have negative side effects. SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are newly introduced drugs that offer the advantages of using anabolic steroids but are rid of their dangerous side effects.

Among the new drugs that were made available to the public is YK11. It offers an alternative to the notorious anabolic steroids.


This powerful drug is just one of the newest discoveries in the SARMs, which was identified by Yuichiro Kanno in 2011. After publishing the results of the many types of research and studies he conducted, Kanno identified YK11 as a drug with potential for the benefits that it brings to the table.

Although YK11 is a relatively new compound, it already has its dedicated following within the bodybuilding industry.

Best Place to Buy YK11 in 2020 – Our Top Choice Currently

Buying SARMs is tricky if you are a beginner and don’t know where to look. But don’t worry! We will fill you in on all the details.

If you see a local supplement store selling SARMs, chances are that they are fakes.

This is because SARMs are sold as “research chemicals” and they have not been approved for human consumption by the FDA.

The label must state “research chemicals” to bypass the laws. Brick and mortar supplement shops are unable to sell SARMs. This is why you can find legit products only from online retailers.

Don’t think that all online retailers sell quality SARMs because they don’t. Only buy from suppliers that have lab testing results of their products online. This proves the legitimacy and potency of the drug.

Another problem is that many sellers are selling fake YK11.

We recommend buying this drug from Proven Peptides. This company has been selling successfully for a number of years now and has many positive reviews online.

They have positive lab test results which prove that this SARM is the real deal.

I have personally used this particular SARM from a number of different reputable online retailers and I had the most positive results from this brand.

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We have written a report discussing the best 3 suppliers of this SARM at this current time. If you would like to read it visit this page www.sarmsworld.com/yk11/best-place-to-buy.

How it Works

As previously mentioned, Kanno did many studies on YK11. These studies showed that the compound is among the many modulators of androgen. When it attaches itself to an AR, it triggers the traditional effects of an androgen including hair growth.

The problem is that it also stimulates aggression. Fortunately, this can be controlled. All you must do is not take too much, and you won’t experience a single problem with YK11. All in all, the compound strengthens muscles in the same way testosterone does. Between the two, YK11 exhibits no additional side-effects compared to testosterone.

picture of the molecular structure for YK11

The main thing that one should remember about YK11 is that it provides a strengthening boost. This means that whenever you are lifting weights at the gym, you’ll have more stamina and you won’t experience fatigue. What’s more, it can help you in terms of changing your body genetics, making you faster than ever and more capable of building muscle.

Of course, you have to understand that taking YK11 must be done in moderation. This is especially true if you have not taken anything similar to it in the past. Start off with a small dose. If you are experienced, you can pump up the main dosage. Otherwise, cut it in half.

Also, you won’t be able to see any results with YK11 if you don’t work out regularly or if you’re not active. YK11 must be taken if you have an active lifestyle and if you want the best results from your routine.

How it is Administered

YK11 is not hepatotoxic as it is not methylated. YK11’s oral bioavailability is high, which means you can ingest it as opposed to injecting the compound.

Advantages of This SARM

YK11 reviews are mostly positive because of the benefits it offers. The biggest advantage of buying YK11 is the fact that your body’s ability to develop muscle will change. The use of YK11 results in the increase or addition of your muscle mass. This is made possible by the compound’s ability to inhibit myostatin production, which reduces your body’s ability to grow muscle. Without myostatin to impair muscle growth, adding more lean tissue can be done easily.

The effect of YK11 capsules on muscle development is so profound to the point that it is neck to neck with testosterone. As a matter of fact, it exceeds the limited androgenic effect that other SARMs produce.

In addition to powerful effects on muscle building, the drug has other benefits too such as improved strength, fat loss, and faster recovery.

Disadvantages of Using

As opposed to steroids, YK11 side effects are not as harmful. The only thing you need to be wary of is to not take YK11 in high doses. It will have the ability to heighten aggression. Use only on the suggested dosage, so you won’t have to deal with this issue.

Potential Side Effects

At this present time, the only known side effects are pretty small but longer research does need to be conducted. You can learn about these side effects by visiting www.sarmsworld.com/yk11/side-effects.

Dosage to Be Taken

So, in what dosage should you take YK11? For those who already have experience in taking SARMs, the recommended dosage is 10 mg a day. If you don’t, then you can only experience the great benefits of YK11 with 5 mg per day.

  • Bulking – The potential uses of YK11 are almost limitless when it comes to the bulking cycle. The dosage for bulking is 10 mg a day. Most users split the dosage into two. YK11 could be the most powerful SARM available in the market as it has the greatest potential for boosting muscle growth.
  • Cutting – The recommended dosage for cutting is 5 mg a day. Contrary to popular belief, YK11 can help during cutting as well and not just during the bulking cycle as it will only provide more lean mass. It will help you prevent muscle loss, which is likely to happen when you slash your calorie intake.
  • Recomping – For men who are in the re-comping phase, the maximum dose is 2 to 5 mg twice per day. The amount will produce optimal results at this stage.

For a much more in-depth discussion about best dosage practices click this link.

Is PCT Needed?

It is widely suggested to carry out a mini PCT following a YK11 cycle. The same is advised for all other powerful SARMs.

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Can Women Use It?

Although YK11 is considered as the strongest SARM to date, there won’t be any virilization and pattern baldness for men and women.

The recommended dosage for women is 0.5 to 2.0 mg twice per day.

What Other SARMs Stack Well

Like other SARMs, you’ll be better off stacking them to complement and amplify the actions of each compound. However, you do not have to stack YK11 as it is a powerful compound. It has the characteristics of anabolic steroids, and it should be handled similarly.

To learn about which SARMs stack well with this SARM you can visit www.sarmsworld.com/yk11/best-stacks.

What is the Half-Life?

YK11’s half-life is short. Therefore, a regime of twice daily is recommended.

How Long Until You See Results?

You can feel a boost in your energy as soon as you hit the gym after taking a dosage of YK11.

Will it Make an Athlete Fail a Drug Test?

This boils down to who is conducting the test. More sophisticated tests may well flag this compound, whilst lesser ones may not.

What Are the Current Laws?

YK11 is not illegal and you can purchase it as a research drug.

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