The Positive YK11 Effects To Expect From A Cycle

YK11 has quickly established itself as one of the most common SARMs used among bodybuilders, male and female alike. It has a wide range of results and benefits that can be optimized through proper timing and dosage, maintaining a rigorous exercise schedule, and keeping a healthy and lean diet.

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The way YK11 works, biologically and chemically, is that it attaches itself to the body’s androgen receptors. When the substance is attached to the receptors, it sends signals to the muscles enabling them to increase their capacity and develop faster than they would independently of the YK11.

This produces an array of positive results on the body; it helps build and sustain muscle, maintain strong and healthy bones, improve speed and endurance, reduce fat, and more.

Helps Build Muscle

One of the most significant benefits, and perhaps the one that YK11 is best known for, is the ability to stimulate muscle growth. It is designed to help build muscles faster and more dynamically than your biological system would typically allow.

Many bodybuilders use YK11 during their bulking cycle. Often, they pair it with other SARMs, because it will enable them to put muscle on quickly. Of course, they have to pair this with a protein-heavy diet and a rigorous workout schedule to optimize the effects during the 4-8 week cycle.

ScienceScape explains that this is because YK11 can naturally increase the resting level of follistatin within the body. This is used for suppressing the functions of myostatin to expand the possibility of muscle growth. They allow the body to surpass its biological preset and stimulate muscle fibers past their natural limit.

YK11 is considered one of the most potent SARMs in particular when it comes to muscle building, in combination with a dynamic and rigorous workout schedule and healthy diet.

Improves Speed and Endurance

The results from this SARM drastically help improve speed and endurance in the body. It does this by helping build lean muscle because it simultaneously burns fat without water retention and builds muscle. Lean muscle is much more dynamic as it is a result of decreased body fat percentage and increased muscle density.

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Another benefit within this is that, unlike with regular muscle building, you will not experience water retention. Water retention occurs when there is an excess of fluid that gathers and builds inside the body. This often occurs when something is disrupting or throwing off the circulatory system.

The side effects of water retention can disrupt the circulatory system, and cause swelling in limbs, hands, and feet. It will help you avoid bloating, as well, and putting on water weight. Avoiding this is a huge perk, as many other SARMs don’t prevent water retention.

Helps Maintain Strong and Healthy Bones

In addition to just affecting the muscles, YK11 also helps to increase bone strength. It does this by binding itself to androgen receptors and increasing the amount of activated protein Protein kinase B, which is a serine/threonine-specific protein, which is located within our cells. It plays a role in numerous cellular processes, including the process of facilitating bone growth and repair.

This is critical because muscles and bones are so closely connected that it is necessary to strengthen both together. They can not be considered separate systems, and if one is strengthened while the other is ignored, it can be dangerous to a bodybuilder or athlete.

Additionally, YK11 and protein kinase B help mediate bone fragility and support both short and long term bone health all over the skeletal system. It helps strengthen the entire body, allowing the body to fortify itself and sustain itself better even after the cycle is finished.

Reduces Body Fat

YK11 can also significantly incite fat loss and make the body much leaner. It can do this quicker than the body could do by itself, and over a much shorter period of time than other drugs and other SARMs. This is why many bodybuilders use YK11 for cutting, as well.

The process of bulking and cutting is critical to bodybuilding, and YK11 can help with both sides of this system. Cutting is defined as the process of eating a lower amount of calories in order to get rid of body fat.

YK11 is particularly useful for this because it encourages the gain of leaner muscles, while simultaneously burning fat at a much higher rate. This is critical in bodybuilding, especially for bodybuilders who may be shorter than average height and want to make their bodies both dynamic and compact.

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What to Expect During Your First Cycle

As previously mentioned, everyone’s body reacts to SARMs and YK11 differently. We all have different chemical, biological, and hormonal makeups based on a variety of factors. Additionally, our individual lifestyles have drastically changed the ways in which our bodies’ react to certain components and drugs.

Many who use SARMs post pics on the internet to share their evolution. There are numerous boards and forums for those who are using SARMs to share their unique experience, and many gyms also have groups where those who are using SARMs share and can teach others best practices.

Often, when starting at a low dosage and building up slowly, you can discern exactly how your body is interacting with the SARM, and each of its dosage increases. By measuring things like your BMI, weight, body fat index, more regularly throughout your cycle you will be able to have a more in-depth understanding as to how the substance is working with your body.

This is highly recommended especially for those just starting out with SARMs. Being in touch with your body and getting to know your body as intimately as you can is critical to finding the right way to use YK11, and potentially stack SARMs.

It is recommended, when you are in your cycle, to create a cycle log to keep track of your progress whether it is via notes or pictures. By using pictures you will be able to see the before and after results clearly with your own eyes.

You can also use spreadsheets to track things like body fat index, and then create a visual presentation of that data to help you understand the ebb and flow of your cycle.


These are just a few of the many perks of using YK11, expanded on. A few other benefits include the ability for the body to burn fats at a much higher rate, increased libido and sexual performance, and the ability to maintain muscle more determinately even after a cycle is completed.

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Certain benefits, as well, can be optimized through the use of stacking. Stacking is when you use two or more SARMs at one time, which allows you to optimize and hand-select certain benefits that fit your specific wants and needs.

YK11 allows those looking to build muscle and strength to fly past their biological limits. It increases lean muscle while reducing water retention and body fat. It improves speed, endurance, and power. It enables long-term muscle retention, even after a cycle is over.

For these reasons, YK11 is one of the most dynamic and well-regarded SARMs available to the public.

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