YK11 Negative Effects – Just How Bad Are The Side Effects From This SARM?

YK11 and SARMs as a whole are considered much safer than steroids. They are also legal and can be purchased from numerous websites and providers online and in stores.

However, just because they are much safer does not mean that they are entirely side-effect free. They do have a few side-effects that can range from inconvenient to dangerous. Many, however, are temporary. They will recede when you stop your cycle.

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The side effects are why it is so important to listen to your body while taking any sort of substance. Being in tune with your body and listening to your body when you feel something is wrong is critical to minimizing the side effects.

If your body is responding negatively, it is essential to recognize that you need to change something. Either you need to go back to the source and adjust your dosage, or you need to remedy the side effects caused by the dosage.

Increased Aggression

Because YK11 primarily interacts with androgens and depletes their inhibitors, it can result in hormonal imbalance and affect mood. Many users have also said that starting their cycle results in their aggression rising. They will be quicker to anger and react negatively to situations, both inside and outside the gym.

This is one of the symptoms that it is essential to be in tune to because it is mental and mood-related, as opposed to being physical. It is vital to lower your dose and get your hormones back in check if you feel as though you are becoming more aggressive in direct correlation with taking YK11.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a complaint that has permeated the reviews of many people who have shared their experience with YK11 side effects. This is because quickly building muscle may cause joint pain, it isn’t because of the actual substance itself.

Although working out rigorously and building muscle quickly can strain the joints, there are numerous exercises that you can do to combat this by strengthening and relieving the joints.

Stretching and walking in particular both provide low-impact exercises that can help with joint health. Tai Chi, Yoga, and other activities that focus on smooth movements that flow into each other can also significantly improve joint health.

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Finally, water exercises and water aerobics provide a setting where you can train without putting weight or stress on your joints. This will enable you to still workout and build muscle while also alleviating the pressure that is on parts of your body that hold a lot of weight.

Liver Toxicity

Even though this is a side effect that has not been fully confirmed or definitely attributed to YK11, it is most definitely worth mentioning. Although SARMs and YK11 are not steroids in any way and are actually much safer, they still have a chemical level that is near that of steroids.

This is why it must be taken into consideration that SARMs have the potential to damage your liver. It is necessary to keep in mind even more so if you are someone who has had trouble with your liver in the past. Take into consideration medical history and preexisting conditions before you decide to take SARMs.

Hair Loss

Although the related androgenic effects are lower than other SARMs, which is why many women take it, it is still possible that some androgenic effects manifest in the body. One that is relatively harmless, but often dreaded, is hair loss. YK11 can cause hair on the top of the head to thin for both men and women and can incite male pattern baldness on those predisposed to it before it would naturally occur.

Voice Pitch Change

This one, just like hair loss, is one of the related androgenic effects that occur when changing the balance of the body’s hormonal makeup. The voice can drop and deepen, which for some may even be a positive side effect. Although this is less common than in other SARMs and steroid-like substances, it is still a possibility that someone starting on YK11 should be aware of.

Organ Risks

Follistatin is known to be found within the skeletal muscles of most mammals. It is a protein that is high on cystine and also has carbohydrates attached to it. Due to the high presence of follistatin in YK11, it can disrupt the oesophagus, stomach, skin, and prostate, and potentially lead to cancer.

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This, of course, is a huge and intimidating risk for someone looking to start YK11. However, going in, and individual needs to understand that they are putting hormones and chemicals into their body that would not occur naturally at the same frequency.

They are altering the hormonal and chemical makeup of their system, and this can have a negative effect on the way the entire body functions. No system functions singularly, and so adverse effects tend to cascade around the body instead of just affecting one isolated area.

Long-Term Concerns

Unfortunately, at the time, there is not too much known about the long-term effects of taking YK11. There have not been sufficient studies or research done on those who have taken it consistently or went through multiple cycles. Additionally, there have not been enough animal studies done to draw definite conclusions.

Most of our knowledge of the results and side-effects of SARMs and Myostatin is based on cellular studies. Additionally, this information is supplemented by reviews and reports done by individuals who have tried YK11. It is primarily based on word of mouth and online reviews, which are complicated because they lack scientific data, research, and backing.

Hopefully, in the coming years, more research based on scientific studies, data, and evidence will be conducted to analyze the results and short and long-term effects of YK11. Until then, the most reliable sources we have is through reviews, word of mouth, and listening to what your body is telling you and how it is reacting.


Although YK11 has its benefits, it also has its downsides and side effects. Many of the side effects are person-specific, and everyone’s body will interact differently with the SARM. After your first or second time cycling, you should be able to pick up on how your body reacts to YK11.

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By figuring out how your body responds, you will be able to figure out how to remedy it. For instance, if you are experiencing a lot of joint pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop taking YK11. You could try, instead, adapting your exercise plan to take the strain off your joints.

Of course, if the side effects are more severe than temporary joint pain, it is highly recommended that you go to your doctor. It is better to be safe, and consult a medical professional on whether you should be continuing YK11 than to potentially react in a dangerously negative way.

Specific bad side effects, like certain benefits, also may be enunciating by stacking and combining YK11 with other SARMs or substances. If you are combining multiple substances, it is best to do research and consult a professional to make sure they don’t interact.

Also, people with preexisting or genetic conditions are more likely to have dangerous adverse reactions to SARMs and YK11. Again, if you have a preexisting or genetic condition or a condition that directly affects hormone production and regulation, it is best to consult a doctor before beginning a cycle.

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